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In our efforts to work for economic development and community growth, we focus on significant involvement in the community. This creates considerable benefits for our membership. Activities include the following:
  • Involve our membership in new State and Federal initiatives for community revitalization
  • Serve as a member of select community based organizations and collaborate with many others to create and support new initiatives throughout the area
  • Work directly with law enforcement efforts to ensure crime prevention
  • Gather, distribute and maintain a repository of information useful to our membership
  • Conduct events and forums where noteworthy speakers discuss relevant topics
  • Advocate for an attractive environment
  • Sponsor workshops on subjects of interest to members
  • Support athletic and cultural events and programs involving youth and seniors
  • Assist in educational programs, including school to work transition and workforce preparation models
  • Facilitate communication between the business community, government agencies and elected officials
  • Sponsor special events that encourage business networking opportunities
  • Create activities that drive attention to and promote the community