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Outfits of Harry Styles are very popular as his songs. He is intense and happy to expand his Gucci-fied wardrobe for including new and unique things.  He and his stylist namely Harry Lambert has ability for anticipating trends before they hit the fashion world and their overall influence extends more than menswear.  

Harry Styles picked up his Best British Single award in the Brit Awards ceremony in a modish wool as well as silk double-breasted suit from Gucci Aria collection of Alessandro Michele. The overall appearance has been notable by itself. Harry Styles is the first to wear pieces from this renowned show. He attracts everyone by his bamboo top-handle bag.

Explore the recent Gucci bamboo bag collection

Different variations of the actual Gucci’s handbag have been worn by many famous people like Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, Kaate Moss, and Grace Kelly.  Guccio Gucci and his qualified design team created this bag in response to the rationing happened during the World War II. He and his team got creative and imported bamboo from Japan and fashion the unique lacquer handles when the main handbag materials like the leather were in short supply in such period.

Gucci’s collection is notable because of an extra unexpected material.  Small bags were still the usual and the design of this bag was suitable in such period. Carryalls with shoulder straps as well as totes became popular after women entered the workforce in droves.  Bamboo bags of Gucci are iconic. The visual identify of this brand is increased every year because it’s extraordinary design.

The most popular and favourite bamboo bags

Princess Diana and Beyonce used these teensy shoulder bags with tassles and padlocks. You can explore the street style photo of the 2010s and explore how celebrities look impressive with such bags. The timeless appeal of this handbag’s look makes it a sure-fire purchase and designed to please its users.

Attractive features and reasonable prices of handbags of top brands not only impress everyone, but also increase their curiosity to prefer and purchase the appropriate handbag with no compromise on their expectations in any aspect.

Many women who love the fashion accessories and stylish handbags do not fail to be aware of the Gucci bamboo bags and own some of these bags. The overall quality and stylish elements in these bags give eagerness for many teens and adults to prefer and buy one of these handbags.


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