Google associates with Elon Musk’s SpaceX for the Starlink satellite Internet service

Google Cloud and SpaceX have successfully partnered for enabling the satellite Internet connection for Google Cloud services especially in the remote areas of the world. This good partnership will see SpaceX locates Starlink ground stations within Google data center properties with an aim to provide the secure and low-latency data delivery via Google Cloud.

All enterprises with presence in remote areas worldwide can get an array of favourable things from this initiative.  SpaceX of Elon Musk has recently announced a new association for bolstering the usage of its satellite Internet connectivity. The most successful records of this US-based aerospace manufacturer encourage many business people and technology enthusiasts to focus on its activities in particular partnership with other companies.

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SpaceX has collaborated with Google Cloud for delivering data, applications, and cloud services to its enterprise customers. Organizations with broad footprints like businesses with presence at the network edge, public sector agencies, and businesses operating in the remote or rural areas need cloud services. Google Cloud will try t leverage the high-speed broadband Internet of the Starlink for its infrastructure for supporting all such activities as expected by its enterprise customers.

SpaceX will find Starlink stations within Google data centre properties. More than 1,500 low-Earth-orbit satellites of this company will let low-latency and secure data delivery via the Google Cloud. The high-capacity private network of the Google Cloud will assist the delivery of the global satellite Internet service of the Starlink. It brings consumers and businesses seamless connectivity to the cloud and also Internet.

Remarkable benefits of Satellite Internet connection worldwide

As a beginner to the Starlink, you may wish to know about it. Starlink is a popular satellite network by SpaceX which uses 1000s of small satellite deployed in the low Earth orbit for periodically communicating with designed ground transceivers and enabling data transfers at the maximum speed. The main objective of the Starlink is to let Internet coverage in the Earth’s remote areas where land-based Internet infrastructure is not possible.

Starlink has been delivering initial beta service worldwide and keeps its expansion to near-global coverage at the end of 2021. It is available to a limited number of users per coverage area. However, the overall upcoming orders will be fulfilled based on the first-come, first served basis. The collaboration of SpaceX with Google Cloud for the usage of the Starlink constellation will provide a good foundation for its upcoming endeavours.


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