The best business ideas associated with the stock market to earn in this pandemic

You may be a person who face some downfall in your business and seek how to increase your regular income in the stock market. You can focus on the most suggested business ideas to earn in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. The following details guide you to be smart and successful in your method to make money using business opportunities linked to the stock markets.

Become a sub broker   

Many brokers throughout the nation in recent times give chances to become sub brokers and give them minimum security deposit and pay one time including the Sebi Registration fees and GST. This security deposited is provided with interest benefits as per the terms and conditions given by the broker in the sub broker’s contract.

The total number of trading accounts and the online demat trading have been increased further in this pandemic situation. Almost everyone with high brokerage costs has themselves become sub brokers and take advantage of the sub broker commission because their cost savings measure. Many firms like the HDFC Securities, ICICI Securities, Angel Broking, Axis Securities, and other firms provide the sub-brokership business chances.

Become a mutual fund distributor

Everyone who is certified by the National Institute of Securities Market or NSE Academy can become a mutual fund distributor without complexity and delay. However, you must pay the prescribed fees for the registration and exam conducted by such institutions.  You have to understand the markets and qualify these certification programs.

Every successful participant is required for registering with the Association of Mutual Funds in India and completing the KYC documents with the business with essential membership fees prescribed. Once the distributor has enrolled himself with the other mutual funds like the HDFC AMC, ICICI AMC, and AB AMC, he or she can engage in the mutual funds distribution business.

Become a Research Analyst  

Research analysts in equities may need particular skill sets to handle database tools, technical analysis, writing skills for writing buy or sell suggestions, understand companies’ balance sheets, and other things. They also must be professionally qualified with sound mind and include the good principles and ethics.

People who have a professional qualification, postgraduate diploma, or postgraduate degree in the accountancy, finance, commerce, economics, business management, insurance, banking, capital market, and other sectors are professionally qualified to become research analysts.  They have to submit an application with the SEBI and act as the independent research analysts.


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