Proning improves oxygen level in Covid-19 patients

The latest researches regarding proning reveal that it helps a lot for Covid-19 patients to breathe easily. Proning saves lives during the liquid oxygen supply and the overall shortage has emerged in the states and central government. Doctors across the state recommend proning exercises for enhancing the oxygen level in Covid-19 patients in the home isolation and in hospital.

About proning

Proning is a medically approved sleep position and suggested by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. In the proning, patients are made to lie on the abdomen for increasing their oxygen level. It has immediate benefits for Covid-19 patient’s especially old people.

The Covid-19 patients are made to lie on their belly using pillows.  They can also lie on their right side, left side, or sit at a 60 to 90 degree angles in the ‘fowler position’.  Healthcare professionals recommend that patients remain prone for at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours for improving their ventilation to lungs and oxygen level.

The prompt proning and maintenance of good ventilation can save the life of Covid-19 patients when Oxygen saturation drops below 94. Proning enhances ventilation to the lungs and maintaining alveoli units open for easy breathing. Alveoli units are the small balloon shaped structures and the smallest passageway located in the respiratory system.

Properly engage in proning

The 4 to 5 pillows are necessary for proning. You have to place one pillow below the neck, 1 to 2 pillows below the chest via upper thighs, and 2 pillows below the shins. You must like on your belly, left and right side alternatively. This is worthwhile to spend at least a half an hour in each proned position for the best result.

Proning is not recommended for pregnant and patients suffer from deep venous thrombosis treated in less than 48 hours, unstable spine femur, pelvic fracture, and major cardiac conditions. Everyone is advised to avoid proning for an hour after their meals. They have to stay in one position for the maximum time they feel tolerable. They can adjust the pillows slightly for changing the pressure areas as well as comfort.

Everyone who practices the proning has to ensure that they practice it in the room in which the patient lies down must be well ventilated. They must not ignore any pressure sore or injury.  The ministry of health recommends that one can be prone for maximum 16 hours a day in several cycles when it is comfortable for him or her.


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